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Date: 24th May 2016
T-8000C SD Card LED Controller
Shenzhen Oxford Lighting Co.,Limited is one of the professional t-8000c sd card led controller manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale t-8000c sd card led controller made in China and check its price with our factory.1. T-8000C System features1?32?256 Gray level,Support software Gamma correction.2?Support the rules and special-shaped handle.3?Eight--port output,every port can support 512-1024 pixels.4?Offline (SD Card) control ,can be multiple controllers used in combination, play back content stored in the SD card.5?Compatible with single and dual IC, if you control a single line IC LED lights, without being connected to the CLK line.6?New T-8000C have a screen, The controller can be encrypted to limit the times of use.NOTE?1. When T-8000C controller control less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-1000 controls more than 512 lamps and less than 1024 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.2. In the 2012 production version of the T-8000C to add a Chinese flag on the surface, you must use the new software. ??2. Appearance picture?3. The meaning of flag ButtonMeaningSETSave your adjustMODESwitch effect fileSPEED+Turn up speedPress the speed adjustment button the file will in turn play.SPEED-Turn downDC5VPower inputPOWERPower lightERRORError indicatorSD/SD CARDSD card slotCLKClock lineDATData lineGNDGround wireNOTE?For the TTL(SPI) signal, the controller signal ground must connect to the LED ground wire directly.4. Mode of connectionNOTE?1.If the distance between controller and lamps more than 50m we suggest using differential signal transmission control or Photoelectric isolated signal transmission control,please read the manual carefully. Signal lines must be a cable,the best is Super five kinds of cable.5. Specific parameters:Memory card?type?SD card?suggest using high-speed SD card?Capacity?128MB?2GBFormat?FATStore file Format?*.ledPhysical parameters? ? ? ? ?Working temperature ?-30??85?Working voltage?DC5VWorking power?3WSize?L200mm?W170mm?H50mmWeight?1.5KGSignal port?3pin connect portNOTE?Before copy files to SD card ,The SD card must be formatted as FAT format.The SD card in controller can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time, you must first disconnect the power supply6.T-8000C GPS Wireless synchronization schemePictureGPS wireless synchronized receiverProduction characteristic1. Solve the problem that can't install the cable between the buildings and the buildings so caused by the controller and the controller cannot work synchronously.Product standard size?L163mm * W93mm * H30mm ? ? ? ??weight?0.3KGworking voltage?DC5V ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Power?2WWorking temperature?-20?--80? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The wiring diagram7.Trouble shooting?Question 1?After power, the T-8000C ERROR indicator has been flashing without display outputanswer?The ERROR indicator has been flashing means the controller did not read the card correctly, possible problems:?SD card is empty, with no effect file.?The effect file in the SD card and the controller model are not match, please choose correct controller model in LedEdit and then re-create the effect file *led.?SD card did not format to FAT before copy effect files.?Please check the supply power voltage, the controller can be individually powered to exclude power reasons?Changing the SD card and then test to exclude the possibility of a bad SD cardQuestion 2: The controller is powered on, the indicator is normal, but the lamps have no effect changeAnswer: The reasons for this are as follows:?? Check if the lamp?s signal line and the controller connected correctly?If the TTL signal is received, the lamp and the controller must be common ground, that means connect the lamp?s and the controller?s ground wire together?Check if the model chose during making display files on the SD card match the chips used in the lightingQuestion 3?Controller and light connected, after. Lamps flicker. Controller indicator to normal.Answer??The ground wire is not connected between the controller and lighting.?The file in SD card is bad, Chip model does not match with the actual.?Insufficient power supply.Question 4?The SD card can not be formatted.Answer??First make sure the SD card on the side of the protection switch is already open.?SD card reader is broken?Do all of this can?t deal with the question. Change the SD card tests again.
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